Kulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuksen seura

Sällskapet för kulturpolitisk forskning – Society for Cultural Policy Research in Finland

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Kulttuuripolitiikan tutkimuksen seuran nettisivut ovat osoitteessa: http://kulttuuripolitiikantutkimus.fi/
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Author: polemics

I'm a researcher of politics, with a specialisation on cities, discourse theory, Europe, and Hungarian politics. Finnish of origin, I've been hanging around Europe - but mainly in England - since 1997. It looks like it will continue in the future, so the posts will be reflecting it. In my native region, Savo, in eastern Finland, the saying has it that the responsibility is of anything that's been said is transferred to the receiver. Being polemical, is therefore pretty normal over there. By the way, great to have you here, I hope you'll enjoy the site! Em -- I hold two blogs: http://www.polemics.wordpress.com - stands for critical reflection and http://www.palemics.wordpress.com - is a personal site to keep in touch with friends. My finnish blog is at http://epalonen.vuodatus.net - Emilia Palonen -

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